School Report 2018 -2019







  • Introduction

This school has struggled to remain operational for the past 7-8years due to persistent opposition, maliciousness from third parties, character assassination and hysteria, being spread by people or parties unknown throughout the neighbouring villages and small towns against the school. But, regardless of such intimidation, fierce resistance or unlawful acts the school remains operational. It will keep trying to raise standards no matter, what's coming across the LOC.

  • Educational Achievement

The front home page has proved to all those in relationship with the school, that occasionally the impossible....can be made possible. Harsimran Kaur & Abhijot Kaur have demonstrated the quality of our education, the commitment and dedication has paid off now to build on our new found foundation is our next goal. To that intent & purpose we hope to recruit new teachers and asking parents who pay huge amounts of money to other schools, to give us a trial opportunity, a chance to prove otherwise and save you money in the process.

  • Easy Transport

We are also looking for admissions from all roads linked to the newly build express-way, NH-54 and our school is only a 20min drive now from Bathinda City. With new admissions we will also need new private transport providers to ferry the children up and down, contact us if you can provide private transport.

  • Digital Payments

The school has now raised standards and moved to digital payments, with 'cash' taking a back seat. We are pleased to offer all our clients a 10% discount on the new annual fee charges for both the primary & preschool. We had not raised our school fees for the last 2 years and this change will benefit many parents who wish to try out our school in the new session April 2019. Timely payments are essential to drive any business forward and the new system will save money & raise educational standards all round. Our school fees in affordable to both on the low end, middle and high, our education system second to none, if not better.

  • Rain Harvesting, Energy Savings, Plantation, Solar & Cleanliness

In the near future (3-5years) we need to install a water tank to harvest rainwater. This project can only be done by increasing school fees respectively, SMC support, governmental aid & support to such projects in all State schools. In energy savings we use L.E.D bulbs and solar to reduce our power consumption bills. We recently invested 25000 in plants, trees in and around the site and cleaned all areas gave a fresh coat of paint. All these schemes & ideas are shown to students through video or classroom exercises.