CBSE - The Book List

A school book is like a person's holy book, it gives knowledge, training and learning to a child's mind. The quality of a book is then dependent of the school's syllabus / curriculum. Matching subjects books to a school's syllabus or curriculum is no easy task, but te publishing houses have made good strides to raise the quality of books at a reasonable price parents can afford. The balance of quality and quatity of knowledge is a shifting see-saw, as policies and educational bodies bring new ways or systems to teach our nation's children.

If we then assume that no 'book' is 100% perfect and no 'book' matches any school's syllabus or curriculum again 100%, a compromise has to taken by the school with the teachers to teach the subject material in the sessions. Parents, tuition and coaching are also in the frame and children are being pressured to 'achieve', without any guarantees of employment or business at the end of schooling & college. We aim to give the children in our school every opportunity to learn, skill themselves and try new materials through activity. Parents then can view & purchase the book list and make decisions to include other books or materials, giving a child variety.

NCERT books are used in the school curriculum to support the main curriculum, as exam papers have questions from this syllabus, and parents should consider downloading these from the CBSE site. This gives children an added advantage in their studies and parents should not disregard this key material. Take a look here....!

Our Primary Booklist


Declaration of School Head / Mistress

Quote: " I have inspected the listed books for the classes mentioned, for information & content per the CBSE curriculum, syllabus requirements, and declare that no objectional content has herein been found and that the books prescribed are without prejudice or discrimination to any community ".

Digitally Signed