Site Code of Conduct

 - At no time are you:-

  • Allowed to show unruly or indecent behavior, permit insults, slander, defame anyone’s character, cause resentment, use threatening behavior, site protests, bad language, public urination or defecation, spitting or be kept unclean.
  • Allowed to enter the site under the influence of alcohol or drugs use other intoxicants. Smoking is totally prohibited on site.
  • Allowed to permit beggars, unauthorized sales persons, touts, carts, allow extremism or fanaticism or use the site as a base, for selfish gain or spread propaganda.
  • Allowed to use the site as a political platform, for personal business except authorized, do sales of any religious service, symbols, clothing, books, CD's, DVD's or other media.
  • Allowed graffiti or poster, promote quarrel or strife, malpractice, corruption, steal, abuse children, discrimination by caste, colour, handicap or religion or allow any form of violence, bullying or weaponry.  
  • Permitted to pass derogatory remarks about other religions, beliefs, castes, races, make speeches which have religious connotations.
  • Permitted to make religious competition, rivalry, theft, do counterfeiting, gambling, allow the worship and praise of idols or human spiritualists.

Warning: Penalties will be issued to offenders who do not take heed of any verbal warnings given by management / security on site, barred from the site or formal court / police action may be taken.