Our Vision

Kirat Niwas School was founded by an N.R.I to promote education in a backward area of the Punjab. It was developed to raise ‘educational standards’ bring new skills of learning, teaching and evaluating, introduce ICT to control and maintain all systems in the school, from student registration, attendance, monitoring student performance, learning languages, developing standards that were at international levels, and improve skill levels in common core subjects.

  1. The school proprietor’s vision is in three parts. The first was to actually get the school built and gain all documents and certification necessary to operate the school. This has taken eight years to complete as the difficulties experienced by the proprietor were extraordinary in every sense.
  2. The second part was to establish a Trust where the women of Punjab take the lead, gain the necessary experience & skills to operate a school on their own, give quality education to all at reasonable rates, learn new skills in the use of ICT to control and operate the school, and become self-sufficient.
  3. The third part was to establish new ways to teach and educate children using smartphones, tablets, computers & screen deploying the Android platform. This in turn would improve the student’s languages skills, core competencies without the need of doing IELTS or PTE or ICDL to gain employment overseas or continue their education in colleges / universities overseas. The CBSE platform was chosen to give students a ‘quality based education’ in the area. This N.R.I has devised ‘ virtual employment centers’ to be setup in each government or private school, that would allow the school to offer students counseling and jobs, after completing their 10+2 basic education, if needed.