The Arts

Comprises visual arts like painting, drawing, sketching and tracing, dance in our Punjabi culture or tradition with contemperary pieces from English language, drama like short moral stories, plays or 'nataks', and final music the essential ingredient of life itself. Children actively participate in the classroom & on stage in mime to set music pieces. Below are samples of these skills explained for the website visitor.

Visual Arts & Drama


Why are activities with music, movement, drama, and art so successful with young children? Through activities with the arts, children learn to express the "mysterious" - their rapidly growing understandings, their thoughts, and their feelings. The process of making art allows the artist to give image, word, sound, or movement to something that is often intangible - that is what young children do every day. They are born artists and scientists. Young children explore the arts with both a creative and a scientific "eye." The artist in them searches for creative expression, and the scientist figures out the way to do it! Our role is to provide them with the materials and inspiration, then to stand back and let them go...!

The exciting "brain" news is that participating in art, music, movement, and storytelling activities not only develops language, mathematics, science, and social skills, but these activities also strengthen the synapses between brain cells!  Research shows that these synapses grow stronger through active participation in the arts. These essential activities at an early age can actually create new neural pathways and fortify those that are already present! For example, neuroscientists feel that the combined arts used in rhythmic movement activities (words and music) can help the young brain develop to its fullest capacity. At infancy a child has all the synapses needed to speak any language, to learn and appreciate music and movement, and to create visual art...but these synapses must be used in order to be developed. Creativity and invention are what human instincts, they cannot be erased or stopped and we wish to develop that in our children through the medium of visual arts.